Quality management


Mongolia has a lot of Higher Education institutions, creating competition among them. In order to take part in the competition, every Higher Education institution must be able to maintain the consistency of the quality and always improve it. One of the best ways to improve the quality of management in Higher Education institutions is by implementing a Quality Management System. The quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 is an international standard and well known that it can help manage and improve the quality of Higher Education. Mongolian university of science and technology (MUST) started to implementing quality management from April of 2018. 

The purpose of the quality management system of MUST is to support the achievement of the university's strategic goals and assure the high quality of the university's operation and outcomes. The quality management system supports the university administration and development towards its vision. Quality management is incorporated into the normal activity of the university with the underlying idea of continuous improvement in accordance with the Plan – Do – Check – Act/Study cycle. The quality management system covers the four main functions of the MUST: scientific research, academic education, and societal interaction and support services of the university.

"MUST shall provide education services in line with international standards and become the university which prepares leaders to build a knowledge-based society."


  1. Align the management, organization, and operation of MUST with international standards
  2. Develop the policy documents of MUST
  3. Enhance the quality and accessibility of the learning process
  4. Promote Human Resources Training and Development
  5. Enhance consumer satisfaction
  6. Expand mutually beneficial cooperation


  1. Focus on the expectations and needs of learners, their parents, employers, and employees
  2. Create leaders’ values ​​and models and promote them within MUST
  3. All staff is involved in the Quality Management System of the University and their competency is developed
  4. Apply the processing ways and approaches to make the process understandable and interrelated (sequential)
  5. Performance is monitored and continuously improved
  6. Ensure all decisions are based on data and information analysis
  7. Prefer mutually beneficial cooperation
  8. Be responsible to society
  9. Ensure educational products and services are accessible and equally.
  10. Provide the safety and security of information
  11. Adhere to educational ethics

Quality manual of MUST