Foreign Language Proficiency Exam for Master’s Program ENGLISH PROFICIENCY EXAM (S. FL711)

Exam Date: 10 April 2021

Venue: Testing Center, Main campus of MUST

Computer Based Test (CBT, a total of 60 points) is supposed to be taken for 60 minutes. Please revise the following content for the English Proficiency Exam for the Master’s Program, MUST.   

GRAMMAR /25 points/ section contains tasks in Subject Verb Agreement, Recognizing Word Forms, Articles, Prepositions, Pronouns, Adverbs and Adjectives, Gerunds and Infinitives, Active and Passive Voice, and Parts of Speech as well as Clauses of English. Grammar tasks will be given in the form of multiple choices, filling in the missing words, and completing sentences. During the exam preparation students will work on different sample tests of the TOEIC and obtain general tactics of the test which assesses student’s English language proficiency across language skills needed to succeed in the global workplace.

VOCABULARY /20 points/ section contains multiple choice tasks from common vocabulary in relation to the TOEIC.  The tasks are on choosing correct items, matching synonyms and finding appropriate words and phrases to fill in sentences. Building TOEIC vocabulary is the toughest job for many people. Vocabulary is the foundation of all language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It will impact all test parts. If your vocabulary is weak and cannot match with the basic criteria, you hardly pass the TOEIC exam. It is why building vocabulary usually costs the most time in preparing the TOEIC test.

COMMUNICATION /5 points/ section will contain reading short conversations, completing and matching phrases from the conversation, choosing the best expressions according to the given situations, matching questions and answers. While working on different examples of the conversation, students will be able to get a fair, accurate evaluation to communicate in English and show potential employers.

READING /10 points/ section will contain texts on general scientific and business topics with following questions on tasks of reading comprehension, finding what is true about given statements according to the passage, and information which is not included in the text, choosing the best words to repeat the underlined idea, as well as choosing vocabulary in context. It is important to improve your context skills and pay attention to how a new word is used. When you are learning a new piece of vocabulary, find or create several different sentences with the word used in different ways. This can also help when you forget the meaning of a word, but are then able to figure out its meaning from how it is used. While working on the texts, students will learn some reading tactics of the TOEIC.

Review seminars for the ENGLISH PROFICIENCY EXAM will be conducted by Ch.Zolzaya, Ph.D., Head, English Department, SFL, MUST through online. (LMS and Teams)

English Department, School of Foreign Languages, MUST