Third open call for ERASMUS+ KA107 International Credit Mobility - UMOVE(ME)

5-р сар. 7, 2019, 4:26 a.m.

We are very happy to inform you that the third call for submission of applications is open. The UMOVE(ME) project has, so far, opened two calls for mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff from the University of Minho and the Partner Universities, based on the flows approved for funding by the Erasmus National Agency.

In the course of these two calls, UMinho respected the distribution of approved scholarships in terms of type (SMS/STA/STT) and direction (IN – from Partner Countries to UMinho/OUT – from UMinho to Partners countries). Within the third call, UMinho will take into account the possibility of changing the type of scholarship (ex.: in the absence of applications for SMS, these scholarships will be converted into STA or STT, if there are any candidates), as well as the direction of the mobility (ex.: in the absence of applications from UMinho, the scholarships will go to the Partner Countries, if there are any candidates). However, priority will be given to the candidates for the type of open vacancy, as initially approved. Please note, that exchanges between countries are not allowed.

We kindly ask you to read carefully all the information available at  and please disseminate the call within your academic community.

An official Call, at institutional level, should be launched in order to guarantee that the participant selection process is fair, coherent, transparent and well documented. The official call should include detailed information, such as:

-           eligibility and academic requirements

-           financial conditions and benefits

-           application procedure

-           relevant data on UMinho

o website- (general website) / (ICM website)

-           preferred learning/teaching and research areas in line with the needs identified

All applications must be submitted online until the 31st May 2019, using the application form provided on the link

After the call is closed, the following selection procedure will be implemented:

1.       UMinho receives the application and checks the documents in order to send the applications to the home institution.

2.       Validation by the home institution, concerning fulfilment of eligibility criteria.

3.  Assessment by the home institution and by the host university, concerning the relevant areas of learning/teaching/training. Candidates are nominated by the Home Institution as a result of the internal selection and accepted by the Host partner after internal validation channels are followed.

4.       Final selection of candidates by UMinho.

5.       Notification of the decision.

6.       Grant Agreement.

7.       Settling of the final mobility dates.

This will be the last opportunity we will have in order to grant scholarships under the UMove(ME) 2018 project. I therefore urge you disseminate as much as possible these opportunities at your institution so that we can continue to have such an amazing execution rate of our project and continue receiving financing from our National Agency.