Students’ research and research paper

Research conference

Every academic year the MUST hosts the academic conference to nominate the best presentation and research paper among the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students. The presentations and research papers are proposed from the branch schools of the MUST and other universities. Every year around 60-70 presentations and 30 research papers are presented during the conference and during the academic conference the evaluation committee nominate the best presentation and research paper of the year based on the criteria.

Students Research conference is organized as a variety of subjects including technology, biology, ecology, social science and humanity, design, economy, and management. Participants’ presentations and publications are published on the MUST’s official research paper for the public. 

Researchers’ lecture and workshop

The MUST frequently hosts lectures, workshops, and seminars to improve students’ writing skill of research papers in the MUST’s facilities.

Lecture series for “New student”

The MUST regularly hosts series of lectures for the freshmen. Lecture series are intended to help new students to provide useful information about campus, credit system and courses. Furthermore, it also provides insight of other essential information such as life skills and personal maturity.

“Successful study” lecture

The lectures are held in the first week of the academic year, and the main goal is to enhance students learning skills for successful study during study period. A secondary purpose is to raise mature and responsible individuals which are useful for the students’ future life. 

“Urban culture” lecture

For every new student’s urban culture lectures and seminars are delivered through the Mongolian History course, and it cooperates with Metropolitan Police Department and Metropolitan Culture and Art Office.

“Balanced healthy diet” and “Communication ethic” workshop, tutorial

The workshop provides information about affordable meal options and cooking techniques. And also it delivers to students’ information about ethic for their lives and studying. 

Affiliated schools