Technology and Innovation

| Innovation

Mongolian University of Science and Technology’s initiative to support innovation and technology trade “MUST-2030” is our priority target.

As part of this initiative, MUST is implementing the following ventures with the purpose of becoming a technological innovation cluster:

How do teachers and researchers participate in the innovation activities?

We will get you in touch with organizations in the government or the private sector in order to enter the product of your invention or research in the commercial trade.  


Purpose: Technology will develop into a value producing innovative cluster.

Objectives: Top Innovators are created through the promotion of innovation culture and development of the entrepreneur mindset. Creation of innovation ecosystem developing products, services and innovations capable of competing in the world of intellectual creations.

Strategy: Forming methods of transferring technology, studying and putting in use the intellectual property through distributing and promoting innovation knowledge and understanding throughout all of MUST.


| New Technology

Mongolian University of Science and Technology is the original source of scientists who develop technologies that are implemented in the everyday life of Mongolian society, economy, as well as the industrial sector.

As a companies and business proprietor, what kind of technology are you seeking?

You will always have an opportunity to get to know the research results and new technologies created by our researchers, and thus, a possibility for cooperation. We propose further conditions for companies and business proprietors, as well as individuals interested in new technologies:

The Technology Transfer Center will cooperate with each of these conditions by providing advice and information.


| Intellectual Property

Mongolian University of Science and Technology has improved the intellectual property preservation and protection mechanism of the university and created a unified database of research work.

The university adheres to the policy of notifying and protecting the results of researchers and inventive work of teachers and researchers to the competent intellectual property authorities, and the ownership and use of intellectual property in accordance with international agreements, conventions and relevant laws of Mongolia, and technology transfer regulations of MUST. It is regulated within the framework of the procedure for use of the trademark.


| Start-Ups

The Mongolian University of Science and Technology has developed policy documents to support teacher and student start-up businesses, create an innovation ecosystem, and support infrastructures such as a co-working space for start-up businesses. MUST’s ‘regulation for establishing and running a start-up company at MUST was approved in 2018.

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