Living in Ulaanbaatar

| Living in Ulaanbaatar

Brief Description of MUST Campus

Ulaanbaatar is the most dynamic and busy city in Mongolia. It is an historic and rapidly changing and modernizing city.  

The Mongolian University of Science and Technology is located in downtown Ulaanbaatar. It takes just 5-7 minutes by walking from MUST to Sukhbaatar Square, the government buildings, and the Chinggis Khaan Museum.  Our university area features a diverse traditional and modern architecturial scene, access to cultural institutions including theatres and museums, and proximity to the most prestigious universities, schools, government organizations, embassies, and health facilities. It is an area of students, scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, entrepreneurs, and civil servants.

Ulaanbaatar City – Short Statistics



Over 1,600,000

Average home price


New apartment - 3.2 million Mongolian tugriks (1,028 U.S. dollars) per square meter

Monthly rent


2,600,000 Mongolian tugrik (or about $765 USD/month)



23,000 MNT ($7 USD)



52,000 MNT ($15 USD)

Prepaid cellphone plan


15,000 MNT ($4.50 USD)

Average meal per person


Lunch = 20,000 MNT ($5.90 USD)

Public transportation


Bus = 500 MNT ($0.15 USD) ; Taxi = About 1,500 Mongolian tugriks per kilometer


Ulaanbaatar City has four distinct seasons. Summer is the most beautiful season in Mongolia. It is sunny, warm, and cool. Therefore, many Northeast Asian tourists, most especially South Koreans, visit Mongolia from June to September. There are many great festivals and events during the summer season. You will enjoy the summer season. We recommend you travel to the countryside as well. You will see and enjoy wild nature and nomadic life there.

Spring is a season when the winter climate becomes warmer and warmer from day to day despite an unstable climate each day. Sometimes you can see four distinct seasons in a day.   At the end of the spring, you will see grass and flowers growing everywhere and land color is changing to green.

Autumn is a golden, yellow season when the land color changes to yellow and temperatures become cooler and cooler. This season is famous for fruits, wheat, and vegetables from a new harvest season. The new academic year begins on the first of September.

Winter is a beautiful season with white color despite the cold climate. You can enjoy winter sports during this season. The land color becomes more beautiful and air becomes much cleaner in Ulaanbaatar when it snows.

Advantages of Living in Ulaanbaatar

People easily adapt to Ulaanbaatar's climate. You can visit many cultural and sport places like theatres, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, and service centers. There are many department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and pubs. People especially like E-mart, Orgil, Sansar, and Nomin supermarkets.

Challenges of Living in Ulaanbaatar

Traffic is the difficult challenge of living in Ulaanbaatar city. You should choose the right time to drive and travel around the city during rush hours.  Air pollution is also a serious problem during the winter season, but the city is very walker friendly.

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