Inbound Exchange Program

| Inbound Exchange Program

Inbound exchange programs provide foreign students from partner universities of MUST with an opportunity to study at MUST and experience different lecturing and research modes. International students who participate in these programs will have great opportunities to learn about Mongolian history and culture while taking their professional courses and meet new friends to enrich their personal development.


General Qualifications

Applicants who want to participate in the exchange programs of MUST have to meet the following general qualifications:

GPA requirements

Applicants must meet the following GPA requirements

Student Status

GPA requirements

Undergraduate students

 GPA 2.7 and above

Graduate students

 GPA 3.0 and above

Language proficiency

Applicants must fulfill the following language requirements:

Student Status

Language Requirements

Undergraduate students

Must be fluent in Mongolian language

Graduate students

Must be fluent in English or Mongolian language


Tuition Fees and Costs

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee of student exchange is determined by the exchange agreement established between MUST and a partner university.  The tuition fee varies depending on the agreement between MUST and a partner university. Some programs may offer students scholarships that cover the expenses of tuition fees.

Financial Responsibility for Living Cost

Exchange students must be financially responsible for the cost of living in Mongolia, as well as any other costs associated with the program such as travel or health insurance.

Academic Program and Application Information

Application Period

Application session for student exchange programs begins and ends twice per year according to the following schedules:

Required Documents for Application

Applicants must complete and submit the following documents:

Contact Information

You can contact Mr. G. Batzorig, International Officer of MUST via email( if you have more questions or concerns.

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