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The Mongolian University of Science and Technology does its best to provide their affiliated schools with opportunities to take their students outside Mongolia and the typical learning environment to explore new places, cultures, and experiences while gowing professionally. International educational trips serve many purposes, including enhancing global education, promoting social and emotional development, and exposing students to different learning environments and international best practices. For achieving this purpose, we offer the following international exchange and internship programs in collaboration with our international partners:

1. Chosun University | Summer/Winter Cultural Program



Chosun University exchange program is for students from MUST High School. During winter and summer vacations, high school students go to Chosun University that is located in Gwangju, Republic of Korea. This program provides students with unique intercultural experience by taking lectures on Korean language and culture and digital and global education for two weeks. All courses are taught in English and Korean.



Watch the video of participant students to explore about the program 

How to Apply

Students who study at MUST high schools in Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan can apply to this program according to the following sequence. First, students must apply through their home high school.  Second, a staff in charge at high schools should prepare application's documents and submit them to Chosun University under the supervision and guidance of MUST international Office. Finally, MUST International Office helps the staff and students apply for the visa in cooperation with Chosun University

Duration | Two weeks in June / January

What students will do

  1. Korean language course | → Students will take basic Korean language education
  2. Korean traditional activities | → Students can understand Korea more by doing some Korean traditional activities such as Taekwondo, traditional Korean costume try-outs, 3D printing exercise.
  3. Tour | → Students will have a trip to experience Korean culture and make local products by visiting tourist attractions near Gwangju.


2. Erasmus Student and Teaching Mobility | University of Minho, Portugal

University of Minho


The International Credit Mobility (ICM) is part of the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus + Program and allows MUST to send/receive students, teaching and non-teaching staff to study, teach and train in the University of Minho, Portugal(UMinho). UMOVE(ME) is the institutional project of UMinho under ICM, which allows UMinho to receive/send students, teaching and non-teaching staff from/to several partner countries including Mongolia.


Selection of Candidates

An open call will be launched and all interested candidates must submit the application + mandatory documents online. An official call at institutional level should be launched with detailed information such as eligibility requirements, financial conditions and benefits, application procedure, relevant data on the involved institutions (website, available areas, etc), preferred studying/teaching and research areas in line with the needs identified, in order to guarantee that the participant selection process is fair, coherent, transparent and well documented. MUST will be responsible for the first phase of the selection procedure of its own outgoing candidates and ensure that they have the necessary preparation and language skills to successfully perform an exchange period at UMinho. The final selection will be made by UMinho. The same set of rules will apply for our outgoing participants. The final selection of candidates will be made according to the principle of best candidates’ selection and a balanced distribution among partners.

 Organisation of Mobility

Once the beneficiaries are selected, there should be an extensive and careful preparation of the mobility period. We will be sending the specific templates and guidelines to be used for the project/mobility management:

  • Scholarship Payment: UMinho will be responsible for paying the scholarships to the mobile beneficiaries. The most common procedure is that payments will be made upon arrival by bank check. Concerning students, a payment system in different ways will be applied.
  • Travel: Each grantee will be responsible for the travel arrangements and will be reimbursed, up to the limits provided by the European Commission, upon arrival.
  • Visa: If relevant, UMinho will provide all the necessary help for the visa process application. 
  • Insurance: Insurance coverage will be provided to all participants.

Period of Applications

Applications/information on nominated students must reach the receiving institution by: 

  • Term duration: 
    • Winter Term: from September to January | Deadline - 15th May
    • Spring Term: from February to June | 15th October

Contact information

You can contact Dr. Uuganbayar Tumurkhuu (Associate Professor), Director of International Relations and Social Partnerships, MUST via email ( if you have questions and inquires during selection process. 



3. IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)


In the aftermath of World War II, a new spirit pervaded the world: a desire for international understanding and co-operation. It was this spirit that brought forth both the United Nations (UN) and IAESTE, organisations dedicated to promoting these objectives. Today we believe that students with international experience are the key to tackling today's global challenges.

In IAESTE we are committed to fostering international understanding and impacting the development of young people through international exchange.   Our core values of Trust - in each other and our mission, Growth - providing a learning environment, Commitment - we don’t just say it, we DO it, Friendship - building lifelong, global friendships and Diversity - IAESTE is for EVERYONE, serves as a foundation for our strong organisational culture and as the principles that guide all our work and daily activities.  Click here for more...

How to apply for IAESTE Internship



Search our open internships and register on our Exchange Platform to see others available to you and apply!



Once registered and approved, your national committee will guide you through the application process.



Once you've been selected by your committee you will prepare your documents which will be forwarded to the employer.


Go on your Internship

Once accepted by the employer, you will receive all the necessary information needed to start your dream internship!

Documents Required

Below you can find the basic documents required for your IAESTE application. Some countries will require additional documents and you will be informed if this is the case.


A good cover letter should reference the internship/company, state the reasons why you want to intern at that specific employer, why you think you are a good candidate.


You will need an up-to-date CV that includes any work or professional experience you may have had.


A list of your degree course modules for each of your university years. These do not have to be an official transcript unless specifically requested by the employer.


In order to confirm your student status, you will need to provide an official certificate of enrollment from your university.


All IAESTE interns are required to have suitable insurance to cover them for the period of their internship. IAESTE recommends our partner, Swisscare's Student Pass insurance which is designed for students doing internships.

Contact Information

You can contact IASTE Mongolia via email: 

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