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Important Dates for Graduate Students

We recommend all prospective graduate students who want to to enroll in MUST as a master's or doctoral student to read this academic timeline for international applicants. It describes three separate and coherent processes: (1) admission, (2) visa application, and (3) class selection. You should complete these three processes one by one according to the following sequence.

  1. It begins with the admission. You should apply to the master's or doctoral program you selected. The first box shows when the admission begins and ends in Fall and Spring semesters. You should apply to our graduate programs within those periods. You can find the graduate degree programs you want to study from the below list
  2. Then you should complete visa application. Second box shows the period of visa application. Only selected international graduate students who passed the admission examination can apply for the visa.
  3. Finally, you should select your courses for the given semester.  The third box describes when students select their courses in Fall and Spring semesters at MUST. Students who has a student visa can select courses. 

You can download our policy and regualtions about our university's international admission  and the academic policy for undergraduate students from the below list:

The schedules below are subject to change without prior notice. 

Admission Eligibility 

Admission Eligibility for Master's Programs

Applicants who have a bachelor degree should fulfill one of the following requirements to apply to MUST master's programs as international graduate students before the admission period.

Admission Eligibility for Doctoral Programs

Applicants who have a master degree should fulfill one of the following requirements to apply to MUST doctoral programs as international graduate students before the admission period.

The information boxes that are shown below shows two general requirements for graduate applicants.


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