Student societies

The MUST supports engineering and voluntary clubs and societies which help students to spend their spare time properly to improve students’ team working and students` professional skills as well as to discover their hidden talent.

“Professional clubs”

The professional clubs carry out a variety of workshops, tutorials, and seminars that are indented to cultivate students’ professional skills with help of teachers and pupils.

High Tech club

It is aimed to develop youth’s knowledge and skills on information and technology, support their study by offering help of an accomplished team in accordance with their interests, put a contribution to information technology development, and spend a spare time effectively.

☏        Munkhnaran, a third year student, Automation of Electronic System at School of Information & Technology, 96801229


Sy&Co Tech club

The mission of “Sy&Co Tech ” is directed to have its members become leaders in the electronic sector of Mongolia, grow as professionals with international reputations, and spend their free time efficiently.

☏        S. Duurenjargal, a fourth year student of Information Technology at School of Information & Technology, 96126912


IB biotechnology club

The club runs activities by collaborating with professional teachers in order to unite the students majoring in biotechnology and its related field of science, willing to get into their professional knowledge, improve their professional knowledge and skills towards becoming proficient professionals and personnel, as well as spend their free time effectively.

Adversary material study club

It is established to orient students in research work, take pride in their profession, appreciate their profession, produce a new kind and a freshly modified type of adversary materials for construction, enable them to acquire methods to develop technological procedure and an understanding of being organized and accountable, as well as have students develop an ability to work in groups.

Ceramic material study club

It is aimed to make students majoring in construction material technology take pride in their profession, develop an understanding of their career, improve their study techniques, conduct experimental study work, develop managerial skills and collaborative skills to work in groups.

Meta club

It a club that is aiming to widen a knowledge horizon of youth and students, develop an ability and skill to take part in research work by collaborating together.

"Student volunteer" clubs

Activities aimed at developing students engaged in working together for the purpose of a desire to join their talents and interest, and gradually develop and spend free time effectively, to find their talent and skill.


Club slogan “Peace and the fulfillment of human skill”

To improve English language, to gain experience from international students, to  spend free time effectively., to organize events aimed to social, to develop skills.

☏  Unubold. D, School of power engineering, Course V, 89487088


The debate “Empowerment” club

To spend free time effectively, productive for students, to possess debate and public speaking skill express their views in a good manner, see any problem perspective, make faster decision etc. to develop personal skills.

☏  Bolor-Erdene. O, School of industrial technology, Course IV, 95823912


“Mergen shagai” club

To advertise, spend free time effectively, develop Mongolian ancient traditional “Ankle shooting” game for students and teachers. To organize competition between students.

☏  Bayartsogt.M, School of industrial technology, Course IV, 99987662, 95017611


“My club”

 It aims to improve students’ ecological education, to create citizen loving environment, to spend  students’ free time effectively

☏  Bindery 94361369


Singer club

 The club aims to search and develop talents among students, to spend their free time efficiently and to promote their performances and involvement.

☏  Lkhagvasuren 91680143,88189901


"Khos Uyanga" Classic Dance Club.

The club aims to increase awareness of youth physical and mental development by involving students in it and strengthening its continuity in the future leadership.

☏  Hatanbagana   GMS  - (oil  -IV ) mobile: 95368698


Teacher’s Assistant student club

The club has several objectives such as decreasing latency of the subjects, to increase an advance of knowledge and to provide peer assistance for MUST students etc.

☏  Enkhmandah BAS III course 96279702


‘‘The researcher- student’’ club

To increase students' skills for working on research program, processing research papers and encouraging their attitude towards completing research work.

☏  Maralmichid IFL –IV-99341655


 “Soyombo” club

 It claims and promotes state laws and rules to prevent students from any potential crimes, and calls students for volunteer police duty.

Free style dance club

 The club aims to search and develop talents among students, to spend their free time efficiently and strengthening continuity of student’s club "Borte Choniin Udam" of  MUST

☏  Oyunsanaa 99644855




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