English Department holds successful “English Olympiad 2018”

Nov. 22, 2018, 4:45 a.m.

The Annual “English Olympiad” was organized by the English Language Department, the Institute of Foreign Languages, MUST from November 5th to the 16th, 2018 for engineering students in the following English level courses:

  • Communicative English (S.CE102)
  • English for Science and Technology (S.EST 210)
  • English for Specific Purposes (S.ESP 310)
  • English for Business Administration (S.EBM 210)


The English Olympiad, a competition between the students of Mongolian University of Science and Technology branch school aims to enrich students’ English language knowledge and ability through different kinds of contests and to encourage their critical thinking skills and creative writing techniques. It encourages developing the students’ presentation skills and building team spirit. 

We, the English language lecturers of the English Language Department of Institute of Foreign Languages, would like to congratulate all of the students who participated at the annual English Olympiad-2018, especially, the following students who earned awards:

Communicative English (S.CE102)

English for Science Technology  (S.EST210)

English for Business Management (S.EBM210)

English for Specific Purposes


1st place: Team of SBAH,   

                lecturer Ariunaa A.

2nd place: Team of SITT,

                lecturer Ariunaa G.

3rd place: Team of SPE,  

                lecturer Saruul E.





1st place: Tugs-Ochir B., SSEA

               lecturer Narantsetseg R.

2nd place: Aruintuya M., SSEA

               lecturer Mungunchimeg A.

3rd place: Munkhbold B., SITT  

                lecturer Bolormaa A.

4th place: Khulanzaya B., SSEA

5th place: Bodibileg B., SITT,

                lecturer Bolormaa A.

6th place:Khos-Erdene O., SSEA

               lecturer Gantuya G.

7th place (2): Bujinlkham B., SSEA,

                     Erdenebayar J. SGME,

                     lecturer Buya B. 

1st place: Team of SIT,

               lecturer Oyuntsetseg N.

2nd place: Team of SSEA,

               lecturer Byambajav P.

3rd place: Team of SITT,

               lecturer Ariunaa G.



“Congratulations to all Olympiad participants for their great success. Everyone showed a strong command of both English skills and team work. We wish them all the best in the future.”           

Scott Poteet, English Language Fellow

Thank you to all lecturers and honored judges, Institute of Foreign Languages and Student Development Affairs of MUST.


English Language Department

Organizing Committee of English Olympiad