The workshop, “Innovation management and futurology on Social Studies” was organized at MUST

Oct. 23, 2015, 12:54 p.m.

The workshop named “Innovation management and futurology on Social Studies” was jointly organized by Socio-Humanitarian Science’s of UNESCO and the Mongolian University of Science and Technology in room 303 of the Central Library of MUST from September 29th to 1st October 2015. A wide range of groups, international experts, scholars on social sciences, researchers, specialists and decision-makers who are in charge of planning and policy at all levels and authorities of the Administration Office and Subsidiary Schools of MUST attended this workshop.

For decision-makers, the biggest challenge is to anticipate uncertainty that will likely happen and appropriately regulate it. Therefore, the aim of this workshop was to improve the decision-maker’ ability to anticipate upcoming perspective and make rational decisions.

With the completion of the workshop, the perceptions of policy-makers, specialists and researchers will be improved and influenced in their decisions. The policy-makers acquired knowledge and perspectives will have a clear understanding about the future determining the value of its, as well as gaining the ability of finding ground-breaking opportunities that are full of chaos and unexpected events.

The workshop was led by Mr Miller Steaven Rail, the research team leader of “MOST Foresight School” the Socio-Humanitarian field of UNESCO.

P.Tsagaan, Chair of the Office of the President, Prof. D.Badarch, director of the Socio-cultural office of the Socio-Humanitarian field of UNESCO, G.Jargalsaikhan, the General secretary of the Mongolian National Commission of UNESCO, B.Buyantsogtoo, the Chair of the Board of MUST, B.Ochirbat, Rector of MUST, the specialists of the Ministries, scholars and researchers participated in this workshop.