International Cooperation


Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) global partnership provide their faculty members and students with great opportunities to develop global partnership with their world counterparts. MUST has signed MOUs with over 120 universities in21countries around the world to offer faculty members and talented students with global business and knowledge experiences. The MIT-Mongolia Initiative Program, CDIO Initiative Program, and Higher Engineering Education Development Project with world-leading universities such as MIT, Singapore Polytechnic, and Kyushu University offer MUST academic staff and students an opportunity to widen their academic and research perspectives.



Student Exchange Program

MUST has student exchange agreements, both at the University and theaffiliated school  level with more than 10 universities and research institutes in Japan, Italy, Korea,  People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and United States of America. Students may apply to study at any of these universities as exchangestudents.

Dual Degree/Joint Programs

MUST students can apply for dual degree or joint programs both in undergraduate and graduate degree levels. MUST has established more than 18 dual degree or joint degree agreements around the world. The agreements  offeropportunities to study at universities in Japan, Korea, and the People’s Republic of China, theRussian Federation, and the U.S. They also provide English, Korean, Chinese, and Russianlanguage learning as part of these programs.

Erasmus + Mobility with the University of Pisa, Italy

Our doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in mobility program for doctoral students through the cooperation between MUST and the University of Pisa under the financial support of Erasmus Mundus+. In 2016-2017,twostudents will participate in this program. This program provides MUST students with full scholarship to study at the University of Pisa for one semester.  At the University of Pisa, MUST students may select useful courses for them.

Graduate Education at DGIST and CWNU

The University’s partnership with DGIST and Changwon National University in Korea provide MUST senior students and academic staff with the opportunity to apply for graduate programs at these universities. Selected students study at full scholarship at DGIST and CWNU.


Our academic staff and students have opportunities to work overseas and improve their professional knowledge and competitiveness through MUST global partnership.

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience  (IAESTE) 

As a member of IAESTE, MUST has the opportunity to offer its academic staff and students to participate in the technical exchange programs of various universities, organizations, and companies from 90 countries around the world.  Our university also invites talented young people from these countries through the exchange program.

Faculty Exchange Program with overseas partners

MUST provides our faculty members with the opportunity to work at the Changwon National University, Korea for one semester as a visiting professor. Each year, our eligible professors can apply for this program. The program provides the opportunity to participate in one-week staff exchange program between MUST and Chosun University. Chosun university covers all the expenses of MUST staffs during their stay in Korea. Each year MUST select and award its best academic staffs with the opportunity to participate in this program. They take short-training course and cultural program while they are there. CU staffs arrive at MUST and conducts useful trainings as well as making presentations for MUST staffs. The Sanko Seiki Program offers MUST faculty members and staffs the opportunity to participate in study tour program in Japan. This program, provide our people to visit Japanese universities and research institutes as well as exploring Japanese culture and industry development.